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Get Relocation Quotes for Office Moving and Get More Value for Your Money

Every business owner knows that office relocation can be stressful and taxing on all involved – from the employees to management, and even to clients. So don’t you want to do everything in your power to make it easier on everyone involved? If you are unprepared, then moving your office can turn from a stressful endeavour into a nightmare. Getting comprehensive relocation quotes for office moving is one of the best ways in which you can avoid this worst case scenario and minimise the disruption on your office and business.

The key to successful office relocation is preparation. When you partner with a leading office relocation service provider, you can rest assured that your entire move is in the hands of true professionals. It doesn’t matter if you are moving across South Africa, or just moving to a different part of town, you need to plan every aspect of the move to ensure a smooth transition.

If you are only at the stage of seeking new premises, you should already be thinking of the move and the associated logistics. Keep in mind that your business still has to run during the move. Your clients should be serviced, your deliveries should be made on time and your invoices should be issued. So aside from organising and managing the move, you still have to keep the lights on in your business at all times.

Minimise the Disruption to Your Business and Get Relocation Quotes for Office Moving from the Professionals

If you want to minimise the disruption to your business processes and keep the wheels turning forward, partner with us at Elliott Afrovan. We specialise in providing comprehensive relocation quotes for office moving, as well as IT relocation and fine art relocation solutions throughout South Africa. Throughout the years, we have perfected our approach to office and factory relocation services in South Africa, and we have become a leader in our sector.

One of our seasoned project managers will provide you with relocation quotes for office moving and will guide you through every step of planning your move. Our countrywide network comprises of exceptionally skilled and experienced teams, providing our customers with the very best service and most comprehensive moving experience around. We work hard to ensure that your office relocation is as hassle free as possible.

We bring an expert level of organisation to the industry. Our office and IT relocation project managers are seasoned in organising and facilitating office moving projects. Each client’s move is skilfully managed by a Central Contact Project Manager. This project manager works closely with our Facilities Manager and other team members, in order to plan your office move and stick to all the prearranged requirements to achieve a successful move.

Get Fully Inclusive Relocation Quotes for Office Moving

As our company grew and expanded throughout the years, we have been able to set up IT and Office Relocation Divisions at all major centres throughout South Africa. Our specialist teams are experienced in the safe handling and rigging of all IT equipment, ensuring that your assets reach their final destination safely. Each of our vehicles is equipped with air suspension and tail lifts, which further ensures the most delicate handling and transportation of your expensive and sensitive IT systems. All Elliott Afrovan vehicles are also fitted with cutting-edge tracking devices, making it possible to track your valuable consignments in real life and track their progress throughout the move.

To make your move even easier on your company and staff, we can disassemble and reassemble office furniture and other items where required. This helps to ensure an even smoother transition to your new office premises. We can also take care of systematically packing and unpacking all company documents, making sure that there is no additional work for your employees upon arrival at their new workstations.

We are considered leaders in the planning, routing, distribution and logistics of IT equipment and office furniture for a reason. Contact us at Elliott Afrovan and we will provide you with relocation quotes for office moving that are comprehensive and competitive. Hit the ground running at your new premises with a stress-free relocation. 

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