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Pull Off a Successful Relocation with Professional Gauteng Office Movers

When considering an office relocation, there is much more involved than merely finding new offices in your preferred neighbourhood. This is especially true for established companies, since all their clients, employees and distributors already know where their current offices are located. One of the most important things about pulling off successful office relocation is to ensure that your business processes aren’t interrupted. Partnering with professional Gauteng office movers remains one of the best ways to ensure this.

Key to successful office relocation is preparation. Regardless of whether you’re relocation your business across the country or in the same neighbourhood, thorough planning will make all the difference in ensuring a smooth transition. There are a few things that will demand your immediate attention before you even approach professional Gauteng office movers for a quote. Having answers to important questions makes planning and organising the relocation that much easier.

Make a decision about whether you will bring your current furniture with you to the new premises, or if you need new furniture. It may end up being more cost-effective to simply buy new furniture that can be planned for the exact space that you’re moving into, than trying to make your old furniture fit. The same can be said for equipment and hardware, but it all depends on your business’s unique needs.

In order to ensure the minimal downtime for your business, you should co-ordinate with your telecommunications providers early on. If you need an ADSL line at the new premises, don’t wait until you have moved in before contacting Telkom or one of their registered resellers to initiate the installation, or before applying for new phone lines. Nothing can frustrate a business more than being disconnected from the outside world.

Why Elliott Afrovan is Your Preferred Gauteng Office Movers

At Elliott Afrovan, we specialise in professional office, factory and IT relocations, as well as in fine art relocation. We bring many years of experience and expertise to the logistics sector, and provide you with a one-stop convenient solution for your office or factory relocation. Our seasoned project managers are always at hand to provide you with quotes and a tailored plan of action for your move.

Regardless of whether you want to move one block away or cross country, our countrywide network comprises of exceptionally skilled and experienced teams that provide you with the best service and most comprehensive moving experience. This ensures that your relocation is as hassle and stress free as possible.

We bring a new level of organisation expertise to the Gauteng office moving sector. Our office and IT relocation project managers are seasoned in facilitating and organising office moving projects of varying scopes. Each company’s move is unique and has a dedicated central contact project manager to manage and oversee every aspect of the move. The project manager works in close tandem with the facilities manager and other team members from your business and external companies to plan and execute the move with an emphasis on precision of execution.

Expert IT Relocation from Leading Gauteng Office Movers

As one of the leading Gauteng office movers in the province, our IT and office relocation divisions have specialised teams seasoned in the safe handling and rigging of every type of IT equipment and safes, etc. Each of our vehicles comprising part of our fleet is equipped with air suspension and tail lifts, in an effort to ensure the most delicate handling and transportation of your expensive and sensitive IT systems.

To further boost your confidence in partnering with us, each of our vehicles has also been fitted with a state-of-the-art tracking device to ensure the security of your valuable consignment. In an effort to provide you with even more value for money and greater convenience, we can disassemble and reassemble office furniture and other items to ensure a smooth transition to your new office premises.

These are only a few of the many ways in which the preferred Gauteng office movers work hard to keep our customers happy and satisfied. Speak to our sales professionals for a comprehensive and no-obligation quote for your planned relocation. We look forward to helping you make the move to your new premises and to support you every step of the way.

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