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Are These Services Included in Your Free Office Moving Quote?

office moving quoteRelocating a business is an intricate and challenging task that requires an exceptional level of planning, preparation and patience. If you fail to apply the necessary care and groundwork, not only will you create a scenario that is rife with stress and tension, but you could also potentially cost your business dearly. Luckily, organising such a move is not nearly as intimidating when you do it with the assistance of an experienced mover who has a demonstrable history of assisting both large and small businesses to relocate successfully. What’s more, a professional mover would also be able to provide you with a detailed, free office moving quote so that you can get everything done within your set budget.

Now, before you request a free office moving quote, you first need to determine what services you need included. An experienced logistics company will be able to assist you with this before supplying you with your free quote. Services you may require could include:

A Dedicated Project Manager

Moving an office or business to new premises is an intricate task that requires full attention. Check whether your free quote includes the services of a project manager to oversee your relocation. Not only will their expertise assure that the move is executed perfectly, but it will also provide you with a dedicated contact person in order to avoid any possible miscommunication errors.


Do you have sufficient space at your new premises for all your furniture and filing? Or do you need to store some items? Instead of involving yet another service provider, why not see if a removal company is available that also offers secure storage facilities?

Fine Art Relocation

While it is simple enough to pack files and stationery in boxes, and load desks on the back of a truck, fine art and valuables require much more care. These items need to be carefully wrapped by specialists in order to avoid any scratches, dents or other damage that might diminish their worth.

IT System Relocation

Your IT system is at the heart of your business operations. Furthermore, a lot of these pieces of equipment are highly sensitive. Does your service provider of choice have the necessary experience and capability to liaise with your IT manager to plan the relocation of the IT system? And do they have the necessary equipment to ensure the safe transport of the system?

Disassembly and Reassembly of Furniture

Disassembling office furniture where possible make moving these items much easier. Check whether the relocation company you approach have the expertise to do this (and to reassemble it at the destination), and whether this service is included in your free quote.


If you have any large and heavy equipment that needs to be moved, you might require rigging services. If this is the case, you need a relocation company that has the ability and the equipment to do safe and secure rigging.

Sequential Packing and Unpacking

If you work with physical files, you need to give this extra consideration. Instead of wasting the time of your employees that are busy making sure that operations continue as smoothly as possible during this disruptive time, choose a moving company that offers sequential packing and unpacking services, allowing your employees to continue working without interruption upon arrival at your new premises.

Insurance Cover

This is not so much a “may need” as it is a “must have”. Make sure that the moving company includes insurance cover as part of their service to you when they provide a free office moving quote. While you would trust a professional service provider to take special care with a project like this, accidents do unfortunately sometimes happen, and you should not be the one who suffers the consequences.

Elliott Afrovan – one of the leading relocation service providers in South Africa – provide all of the services mentioned above, and more. Our expert team will gladly meet with you to discuss the details of your move and to do a full site survey to help you make sure that you have covered all your needs before providing you with a free office moving quote. This way, you will know that your business relocation will go as smoothly as possible – just ask any of the major players in the market that we have assisted when relocating their offices.

Contact our team at Elliott Afrovan today for your comprehensive and free office moving quote.

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