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Need to Relocate Your Valuable Fine Art? Elliott Afrovan Offers Specialised Transport Services

It may sound funny, but packing and preparing fine art for a relocation is actually a fine art in itself. Actually transporting the art can be even trickier. It goes without saying that your art and antiques do not simply making your home beautiful; they often have high monetary and sentimental value and so it’s important to ensure that when you plan a move, the movers are experienced in handling fine art, and that everything is correctly prepared prior to moving day. Precautions are necessary during the packing and preparation stage, as well as the moving phase. We have learnt a few tricks along the way and have listed some below to help you prepare.

Packing and preparing large framed mirrors, artwork, and canvass pieces

While every precaution will be taken to ensure that your glass and mirrors don’t suffer damage, you still need to be prepared for the possibility. It’s a good idea to use masking tape to create an “X” pattern over the piece of glass or mirror. In the event of the glass being broken, it will somewhat contain the glass. Many people think that wrapping their prints and canvasses in newspaper will help. And while a paper wrapping can help ward off nicks, scratches and scrapes, newspaper is not the best option. Opt for unprinted paper or brown paper, as these won’t leave print marks on your artwork like regular newspaper will. Using cardboard corner protectors and a two or three layers of bubble wrap over the entire piece is a good way to ensure that the piece is fully protected. You will find that there are large picture boxes available from us and these are ideal for packing your wrapped-up picture or mirror. Make sure that you mark the outside of the box so that movers are aware that the contents are fragile fine art pieces.

Packing and preparing accent art, small mirrors, and photo pieces

It might be tempting to stack two framed photos together and wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap, but this increases the chances of the glass breaking and the frame sustaining damage by the end of the move. Wrap each framed photo, mirror, and accent piece in bubble wrap or paper and stack them vertically into a cardboard box. For some added protection, you can also put bubble wrap on the bottom and sides of the inside of the box. As mentioned before, remember to mark the box as fragile.

Packing and preparing awkwardly shaped pieces, sculptures, antiques, and collectables

Moving a sculpture or antique piece can be stressful. Here, paper and bubble wrap, although useful, simply won’t be enough to protect your art. It’s a good idea to get foam that can be pushed into openings to provide protection in the event of bumps and knocks. Once you have padded the item in foam, wrap it generously in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. If the item is small enough to fit into a box, choose a heavy-duty cardboard box and fill it with foam chips once the piece has been packed inside. Remember to mark the box as fragile and if the item is heavy, make sure that you include the weight, or at least a weight warning.

Packing Supplies Provided by Elliott Afrovan

At Elliott Afrovan, we stock and supply an extensive range of packing and preparation materials that will make it simple for you to get your fine art ready for the upcoming move. In addition to supplying packing materials, we also offer complete packing and preparation services. You will find that our extensively trained teams are skilled and experienced in dealing with fine art pieces. What’s more, we offer specialised transport services specifically for fine art pieces and our fleet of vehicles is modified for this very reason. All of our removals vehicles are equipped with air suspension and tail lifts, which ensure the most delicate handling and transportation of your fine art pieces, valuables, and antiques. From a safety point of view, we offer insurance cover packages for potential damage and theft and also have tracking devices in our vehicles so that we know where they are at all times.

If you would like more information and advice on our transport services for fine art relocation, contact us via email or telephone at Elliott Afrovan today.

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