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Factory Relocation – Planning the Process and Choosing the Moving Company

We at Elliott Afrovan are committed to the provision of professional office, IT and factory relocation services throughout South Africa. We have a countrywide network of highly skilled teams to ensure seamless relocation. With us, the process of factory relocation is streamlined to minimise costs, potential hazards and disruption of services.

We allocate a project manager to each relocation project. The manager provides you with planning assistance, in addition to accurate quotes which are based on full site evaluations. With our own fleet, we are able to guarantee reliable relocation transport. Our vehicles have special air suspension and tail lifts for handling of sensitive equipment.

Our control office knows where each vehicle is at all times and with such, you have the assurance that your factory equipment and goods will arrive at the required destination. Where needed, our team disassembles and reassembles furniture and related items. All documents are packed according to a specific system which ensures that no documents are lost or misplaced.

We have reliable insurers, who are also fast when it comes to claims settlement. That being said, our claims are low and rare because we take every possible step to ensure the safe transport and delivery of client equipment and goods.

Detailed planning, which includes a checklist, is essential to ensure hassle free, safe and successful factory relocation. Important considerations for inclusion in the checklist are discussed below to help you get started.


Prepare the documents, drawings and floor plans of the new location. Where possible, include high quality photos of all the machinery, electronic, safety and other essential equipment. Include photos of the area around the buildings, access points for trucks and door widths.

List Manufacturing Machinery

List all equipment used in the manufacturing processes and number them in the order of placement. Make an additional list of oversized equipment, elements such as presses, piping, production lines, and furnaces. Revisit your current setting several times and mark the elements on your checklist and layout scheme. This will help to determine whether anything has been left out.

Document the exact location of the elements at present and where the elements must be located at the new premise. Include technical information such as measurements, maintenance records, model and type, and weight according to the original installation records.

Factory Relocation Schedule

Contract a professional removal company, such as Elliott Afrovan, to manage the planning and relocation processes. Where possible, involve the moving company right from the start of the planning process. We for instance, will allocate a project manager and team to ensure that there are no loose ends and that the process is completed in the correct manner. This will save you time, frustration and money.

Create a list of instructions regarding movement of each piece of equipment. Be as specific as you can be to ensure that the equipment will be moved in a safe manner without damage to the property.

Check the equipment for damage prior to movement. You need to ensure that the machinery will fit in the new building and once installed, you need to make test runs. Specify exactly what you expect from the moving company and contact the machinery manufacturer for consultations and assistance with the new installation.

Considerations Before You Relocate the Factory

Note that improper equipment setup can lead to production losses, injuries and damage. It is therefore imperative to assess the new location for suitability. Can your existing equipment fit in the new location and how will layout changes affect production? Considerations should include adequate electricity supply, waste disposal, fire and safety controls, sewage and hazardous material removal. Also consider the training aspects required. Your staff will need training to ensure that they can work in the new environment. Can you relocate the factory in sections or do you have to relocate the entire factory within a specific period?

Our project managers can assist you throughout the planning and relocation processes. It is up to you to decide whether the move will be viable and whether you want everything moved at once or in sections. Keep in mind that every day lost because of relocation and setup will also mean money lost. You want a company experienced in factory relocation to handle the project and Elliott Afrovan is your answer.

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