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Expert Art Moving Services

Calling All Art Investors – Get Your Expert Art Moving Services Here!

When you spend a large amount on a piece of fine art or an antique, you cannot skimp when relocating it. A removal team without the expertise may end up bumping or bruising your valuable art and you know what that means. It means the value of the piece plummets and essentially, you lose money. To protect your investment, it is important to only use expert art-moving services when relocating any of your valuable art. The distance of the move is irrelevant, because accidents can happen in an instance and you do not want to lose a fortune, do you? Moving fine art and antiques is something that must be meticulously and carefully planned. Unfortunately, one cannot always stay in the very same place for a lifetime.

When you mount a piece of art, you do not necessarily consider that you might have to move it in the future. It is important to note that moving fine art is an art. It must be done with care, grace, and know-how. Whatever you do, do not attempt to load and move expensive art yourself. Art must be carefully crated for transit. It must also be prepared for storage. Various precautions and mechanisms must be set in place to minimise the risk. In short, it takes individuals who are highly skilled and trained to move art safely. There is absolutely no room for error when it comes to fine-art relocating and that is why it is recommended that you only use expert art-moving services at the time of your move. While there are many professional moving companies advertising their services, not all of them are experts in fine-art moving. Make sure that you ask for evidence of their expertise and chat to clients who have made use of their expert art-moving services. You must have absolute confidence that the fine-art movers that you chose can prepare and move your art with no problems along the way.

Do Not Confuse Insurance with Expertise

Let’s be honest, insurance often puts our minds at ease, but even if insurance cover is offered, do you really want to run the risk of your art being damaged? Insurance pays out money, but it does not replace the real thing. Just because you can be paid out a lump sum, it does not mean that your piece of art can be replaced and therein lies the real loss. You might have a sentimental attachment to a piece or it may be one of a kind. While it is imperative that you take out insurance on your art being relocated, it does not necessarily mean that the team you have chosen has the experience required. So, make sure that you do your homework.

Need Expert Art-Moving Services? Just Ask Elliott Afrovan

At Elliott Afrovan, we are proud of the fact that we have trained our staff members in how to handle fine art. We have worked with fine art of many types and descriptions, even pieces that are heavy or awkwardly sized and shaped. While we have absolute confidence in the skills of our teams, we also put other precautions in place to ensure that your artwork is kept safe and sound. For instance, we have our vehicles fitted with air suspension systems and tail lifts. This means that your valuable art will not withstand to face the full effect of the bumps and rattles along the way. We also provide all materials required to pack and prepare the piece of art for the trip. If you do not have the packing and preparation skills yourself, our team will gladly help.

Do Not Try to Save a Few Rand Only to Lose Out on Thousands

For many, the temptation to save money and hire an inexperienced removals company is hard to resist. Remember that a removal company that does not specifically offer expert art-moving services will not have the expertise, trained staff, or correct packing materials for the task. They might not even have vehicles ready and able to handle such a sensitive move. If you would like to book an appointment with our moving specialists, it is as simple as giving us a call or sending us an email. To learn more about our expert art-moving services, get in touch with us at Elliott Afrovan today.

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