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Professional and Executive Relocations to Attract Top Candidates

Both employers’ and employees’ understanding of what is meant by “executive relocations” are highly likely to differ, probably because policies vary so greatly in this regard. It may be mere relocation assistance in the form a once-off lump sum benefit or it may refer to an extensive, full package of services and the costs thereof.

It is thus imperative that the employer has a clearly defined relocation plan in place, prior to making a job offer, ready to disclose and discuss this with the executive candidate of their choice during the interview’s negotiation stage.

Appealing Compensation

Relocation packages will vary from company to company, and country to country. What is commonplace in one, may be exceptional in another. The more senior the executive position, the more sophisticated and comprehensive the assistance is likely to be, and this also applies to niche, specialised industries, requiring skills and experience of similarly specialised applicants.

The overall package, inclusive of executive relocation assistance, usually has to be sufficiently appealing in order to attract the right level of suitably qualified, possibly scarce candidates, in compensation for giving up their current, familiar and comfortable situation.

Leaving Familiar Lifestyles

Whether the company is recruiting from within or externally, the same principle applies. By the time a person reaches an executive level in their career, they are typically established and settled in their personal, home life.

Most will be married, own at least one property, be surrounded by friends, have children of school-going or tertiary education age, and be settled and/or active in their community, with all of its recreational facilities and infrastructure to which they are accustomed.

They will know the best places to shop, which roads to avoid during peak hours, the best local restaurants and entertainment venues, and be happy living in their community.

Challenges of Change

Change of any description is always somewhat unsettling. Uprooting oneself, the family, pets and possessions is a major change; venturing to a new, unfamiliar town, region or country may even be downright traumatic and will moreover incur considerable costs.

Your spouse or  partner may not be overjoyed at the prospect of moving; your children, especially teenagers, are likely to be extremely resistant to moving elsewhere, meaning that you have to overcome your own reservations and theirs as well, seeing the move as an exciting challenge and opportunity, rather than a traumatic event.


Cutting Ties

Cutting emotional ties is painful, exponentially amplified when a family is involved, instead of only one, single person. Moving home is said to be high up on the scale of life’s emotionally traumatic events, death of a loved one being first, followed by divorce and thirdly, moving house and relocating one’s home.

For most people, their home is their sanctuary to which they have emotional ties. Here, you are surrounded by your prized possessions, arranged according to your personal preference and comfort – it is all your own. “Home is where the heart is” may be a cliché, but it’s true, like most others.

This is where you go, at the end of each day, to escape the big world out there, as well as the pressures and stressors of the day. Home is safe and secure; it is a place where you let your hair down, relax, unwind and can simply be yourself, without having to conform to others’ rules and expectations.

Now the Move

Responsible employers are aware of all of these factors, seeking to make executive relocations as simple, easy and stress-free as possible, whilst compensating for the additional expenses that are part and parcel of moving on to a new place.

By far, the best way in which to assist employees affected by relocations is to engage the services of a relocation company, such as our parent company, Elliott Mobility, who specialises in all types of local, national and international relocation and moving services.

Services for Relocations

Best industry practices and competent, knowledgeable advice and assistance are vital to providing support to persons relocating to new environments or countries. Elliott Mobility’s highly trained and well-experienced professional consultants and best-in-class associates are placed at their clients’ disposal, in order to make their relocation as problem- and stress-free as possible.

Services include client orientation prior to commencing the assignment, assistance with finding temporary accommodation and/or home buying, schools/educational facilities, tenancy and property management, settling in, partner support and departure programmes, to name a few.

First and Only Choice

Contact Elliott Mobility when a move or executive relocation is in the cards for you; this should be your first and only choice for professional, friendly and helpful, full spectrum assistance in every aspect of this new, exciting chapter, in which new memories will be made.

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