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Easy & Affordable Office Relocations – Save Time, Money & Frustration with Elliott Afrovan

Few things are more stressful to the business manager than hearing that the company is moving offices. Regardless of the size of the business or how many staff members you have to get “all hands on deck”, we all know that moving is a major mission and one that strikes fear into business owners, managers and other staff members alike. The idea of easy and affordable office relocations seems like a myth, but with the help of Elliott Afrovan, it doesn’t have to be. Easy and affordable office relocations can be a reality.

We could provide you with a list of packing tips, safe equipment handling tips and transportation advice, but the result would be the same. Without the correct training and experience, you cannot expect your staff members to achieve moving excellence. If you want a quick and smooth move where equipment and valuables are insured and absolutely everything is packed and unpacked for you, the Elliott Afrovan moving experience is just what you need.


Let’s take a look at some of the top advantages of using us for your upcoming office relocation:

  • No Surprise Costs!

Unfortunately, a few removals companies have given professional movers a bad name by introducing unexpected or hidden fees along the way. At Elliott Afrovan, the only way we want to surprise our customers is with a phenomenal service. A company representative will visit your premises to carry out a thorough assessment and complete a survey on your upcoming move. The data gathered is used to provide you with an accurate quote and time estimation on the move. The price you are quoted is the price that you can expect to pay – as long as nothing changes on your side, nothing will change on ours!


  • Invaluable Peace of Mind!

Knowing that your staff members are personally carrying important IT equipment and sensitive machinery can place an unnatural amount of stress on you, and them! With us, there’s peace of mind from the moment our team arrives at your premises. We’re no amateur removals company. Our team members have all been highly trained and show exceptional skills when it comes to moving expensive and sensitive equipment. We are even experienced in moving fine art and pianos. Don’t leave your valuable equipment in the hands of your staff members – let our professionals at Elliott Afrovan pack it properly and get it to the next destination in pristine condition.


  • Recourse!

You certainly can’t expect your staff members to cover the expenses if something valuable is damaged, lost or stolen in the move. Business losses can be huge in a corporate move. Everything from documentation to computer equipment, safes and other assets all have heft price tags attached. If you want to have some form of recourse in the event of damage, loss or theft, consider it done! We offer reliable insurance cover for absolutely everything that we move. Not that we have a track record of damages and losses (or thefts for that matter!), but in the unlikely event that something does go wrong – we’ll have you covered!


  • Say No to Downtime!

One of the biggest losses that a business experiences due to a move is the downtime. No one wants to work after hours moving office equipment and documentation, and let’s be honest, you can’t really expect your staff members to do so. The only thing to do is to move during office hours and don’t worry, we’ll make it simple for you. We will pack and unpack absolutely everything from files and documents, to the desks and chairs that your staff members utilise. We will dissemble and reassemble every item of furniture and equipment as required, and make sure that all your staff members need to do is report to their work stations and focus on business.

Worried and stressed about an upcoming corporate relocation? Don’t be! At Elliott Afrovan, we will take on the stress for you! Leave the hard work in our capable hands and focus your time and attention on the core aspects of your business. Easy and affordable office relocations are where we truly shine and we look forward to providing you with a reliable service and competitive rates to match.

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