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Choose Elliott Afrovan for All Your Corporate Relocations in Gauteng

The process of corporate relocations in Gauteng can be a complex one. When you choose to relocate your business and staff members to new premises, it will be disruptive to both your employees and customers. In many instances, if the process is not handled correctly, it can mean financial losses for the business. Moving is always disruptive and it is important to consider which corporate relocations company will be able to best assist you with a smooth move in Gauteng. Change can have a significant impact on a business and the smoother the move, the quicker you can get your business back up and running once more.

At Elliott Afrovan, we are not just another company offering corporate relocations in Gauteng. We are a company that is dedicated to the needs of our clients, which means that we are reliable, affordable, and offer an exceptional customer service. Whether you are relocating your corporate offices over a short or long distance, within Gauteng or to another province, we have what it takes to simplify the process and alleviate some of the stress and strain that come with the territory.

There are many reasons why you should avoid hiring casual labourers to handle corporate relocations. For starters, moving furniture, files, and sensitive IT equipment is no easy task and requires some prior knowledge and considerable skill. The wrong technique or an incorrect approach can easily end in expensive damage and losses. While the moving team members must be skilled and knowledgeable in how to move all kinds of items, they also need access to the right equipment and vehicles. It is therefore important to make sure that your relocations company has experience in the industry and you should not be shy to ask for references or testimonials to verify their skills and reliability. We have references from some top brands that that we have assisted with their corporate relocations in Gauteng and elsewhere, including Alexander Forbes, Nestlé, Nedbank, and Volkswagen South Africa, to name a few. Our vehicles are also fitted with tail lifts and air suspension systems, which means the knocks and bumps along the way will not damage your valuables.

We always recommend getting as much help for your relocation as possible. Our corporate relocations in Gauteng typically offer all-inclusive services. That means that there is not much for you to do, as we will have most of it covered. Of course, one of our professional consultants will visit your premises to ascertain just how much effort will need to go into your move. You will be advised on what to expect and also be provided with a detailed quotation. We can assist you with absolutely everything, from packing boxes and wrapping valuables to offloading items and setting them up in their new positions at the new premises. We can work with your space planner or office designer to ensure that everything is placed and set up precisely the way you want it. Why waste precious time when the team at Elliott Afrovan is readily available? We can ensure that all your moving stress is eliminated and that the day of the move can be aptly described as “smooth sailing”.

At Elliott Afrovan, we believe that our removals teams need to be trained and educated to the highest standards to move items. With continued training, we can provide our clients with the type of efficiency and care that they expect and deserve. Before the move, we can host workshops with your staff members to prepare them for the big day. If everyone knows what their responsibilities are and know how to strategically go about them, moving day will be less complicated and frustrating for all. If you have heavy equipment to move, do not worry, because we have all the heavy rigging equipment and vehicles to manage this for you too. When we say that we have it covered, we really do! We shine when it comes to project management, time management, and resource allocation.

For more information and advice on how we can help with corporate relocations in Gauteng, take the time to get in touch with us at Elliott Afrovan. Simply send us an email or give us a call today.

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