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Corporate Relocation Services South Africa

Why We Deliver the Best Corporate Relocation Services in South Africa

If you have ever been in charge of – or even a part of – planning an office move, you will know how stressful this process is and how many millions of things there are to keep track of. It is a gargantuan task with a lot of responsibility. Transport, manpower, packing material, damage control, disruption… the challenges are plentiful, and the risk of loss of revenue or production always looms large. Which is why you should seriously consider leaving this to the absolute leaders in corporate relocation services in South Africa: Elliott Afrovan.

So, what exactly is it that makes us the number one choice in corporate relocation services in South Africa?

Advanced Expertise

We boast a countrywide network delivering corporate relocation services in South Africa, made up of highly skilled and experienced teams. These experts include movers, drivers, and a range of project managers to take care of the various aspects of office and IT relocation. You will also have a dedicated central contact project manager to ensure that you always know who to liaise with and that all information goes through one contact point.

Extensive Experience

We have immense experience in delivering exceptional corporate relocation services to some of the biggest organisations in South Africa. We have helped leading financial institutions and manufacturers move location, proving our reliability when it comes to moving sensitive information and specialised equipment.

Some of our satisfied clients include organisations like Alexander Forbes, Nedbank, Nestlé, and Volkswagen.

Range of Services

We offer a full range of corporate relocation services in South Africa meaning that we are your one-stop solution. There is no need to deal with multiple service providers, saving you money and time, and giving you greater transparency and control over the moving process.

  • You name it, we move it: furniture, safes, bulk filers, filing systems, office screens, partitions and everything in between. Where required, we can also disassemble and reassemble office furniture and other items to assist with the move.

  • We will safely relocate your IT system. We completely understand how sensitive and valuable IT equipment is. Not only are our team members well-versed in handling these delicate items, but our vehicles are also equipped with Air Suspension and Tail Lifts to ensure safe handling and transportation of your IT system.

  • Our corporate relocation services here in South Africa also includes the complete packing and unpacking of boxes, saving you time and effort during the process of moving.

  • We even take it a step further with the relocation of physical files. We will ensure that the packing and unpacking of all company documents and files happen sequentially, ensuring that no additional work is created for your employees once they are at their new workstations.

  • When planning and executing the move, we work closely with your designer/space planner, and we adhere to floor plans. This ensures that all effort is focussed on the final outcome and that you have minimal adjustments to make after the move is completed.

  • We offer project management, time management and resource allocation solutions as part of our corporate relocation services in South Africa. Since we are experts in office moving, and you have a business to run, we are happy to plan the entire move around the needs and demands of your business to minimise disruption, and to allow you to focus on your business.

  • To ensure a smooth move, we facilitate workshops with the representatives from your team who are involved with or responsible for the move. This ensures that everybody is on the same page at all times and know what is expected of them during the transition.

  • Heavy equipment is no problem for us. We will take care of the rigging of heavy equipment, meaning you do not have to involve any other parties in the move. One service provider means better communication, faster results and lower costs.

  • We even offer storage facilities. If you do not have space immediately for everything at your new premises, or need furniture, equipment or documents stored during the relocation process, we have the facilities to provide you with secure storage options.


If you are looking for the best corporate relocation services in South Africa, look no further than Elliott Afrovan. Contact us today to request your quote for an effortless move.

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