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Make Use of Professional Commercial Office Movers – Some Tips for Simplifying Your Move

The task of relocating your commercial business offices can seem like a mammoth task and without being organised or with the right service providers on your side, it can be just that. You will undoubtedly want to get your business back into full swing as quickly as possible after your move, which means that you will need to seek out commercial office movers that place value on efficiency and speedy service. Of course, the speed of your move should not put your furniture, valuables or equipment at risk of damage.

At Elliott Afrovan, we make sure that each and every move is handled with meticulous care. While we work speedily, our team members will never do so at the expense of your equipment or furniture. In fact, each of our team members is highly skilled and trained in moving a large variety of items that are big, small, abnormal or even irregularly shaped. We know a few ways around potentially complicated moves and can make the entire process run smoothly and hassle free. Below are a few tips for your upcoming commercial office move. Following these tips will make the move go smoothly for you and will help us to do our job better:

  1. Analyse your office environment – by scrutinising your office plan, you will be able to determine which items need to be moved in what order and where they need to go when they arrive at the destination premises. It is best to share this plan with your moving team, as well as your employees. The more who are aware and familiar with the intended plan and strategy, the greater chance you have of a quick, smooth move.

  2. Draw up a check list or to-do list – your to-do list should detail every phase of the move, so that no important steps are left out. You should make sure that your checklist includes a detailed and extensive list of absolutely every item that the moving team needs to relocate. Check these items off as they move and as they arrive at the new premises.

  3. Don’t consider doing it alone – nearly every business thinks at first that they can handle their relocation themselves, but it’s just not a viable option. First and foremost, your moving team would be your staff members who have little interest or experience in moving furniture, valuables and equipment. A professional office moving team will also offer insurance in case of damage or loss during the move – now that’s convenient.

  4. Prepare efficiently and cut back on costs – if you suddenly start finding extra boxes, tables and chairs that need moving, there won’t be sufficient space in the moving vans and chances are high that you’re going to end up paying more. Try preparing for your move a few weeks or months in advance by going meticulously through the business, listing all items of furniture and equipment, and making sure that any rubbish or unwanted/unneeded items are recycled, sold or thrown away. This is also a great way to ensure that you only pay for precisely what you need moved.

  5. Let your customers and suppliers know – it is considered good manners and good business ethics to advise your vendors and consumers of your intended move. You should start advertising your move no later than 3 months before the time, but if you are out of time, just make sure that a message is sent out to your vendors and clients as soon as you are aware that your business offices will be moving.

  6. Really utilise your commercial office movers – you don’t simply need to hire our moving team to collect and drop off your office items. We offer a full comprehensive service which can include packing and even the dismantling and setting up of furniture. We are highly skilled in this department and also have all the required tools get these types of tasks completed quickly and effectively. Our aim is to make this process simpler for you – we urge you to utilise our services and skills.

If you’re looking for commercial office movers in your area, rest assured that we can help. We have a network of skilled team members across the country and will endeavour to attend to your query promptly and with professionalism. For more information and advice on our office moving services, contact us at Elliott Afrovan today.

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