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Artwork Transport South Africa

Trust the Experts in Professional Artwork Transportation in South Africa

If you have never dealt with artwork transportation in South Africa, you may be forgiven for thinking this is as simple as moving a piece of furniture or a couple of boxes. The truth is that this is a very specialised activity that should preferably be handled by seasoned movers who have experience in handling fine art.

There are many types of fine art – all requiring different ways of packaging and handling. Paintings might seem easy, but they can be extremely heavy, and the surface of certain types of paintings should not be touched under any circumstances. Many sculptures are often also made out of fragile materials, therefore requiring additional packaging, or are abstract in shape and size, demanding custom-made containers.

Here are some of the special considerations to keep in mind when planning any type of artwork transportation in South Africa:

Specialised Packaging

A vital part of professional artwork transportation in South Africa happens even before the objects in question leave the premises. Because of the value and fragility of fine art, these items require very special packaging to protect them against even the slightest of damage. This includes expert wrapping and boxing, as well as specific packaging materials, such as:

  1. High-quality bubble wrap – This can help to prevent scratches and lessen the risk of dents. It is also a great space filler to prevent items from shifting in their boxes. Avoid wrapping oil paintings and pastel drawings directly in bubble wrap.


  1. Sturdy shipping boxes – Regular boxes do not offer enough protection. Choose double-wall corrugated boxes, and double box where necessary.


  1. Boxing tape with strong adhesive – The tape needs to hold the box together and not come loose during the artwork transportation and storage period, regardless of where in South Africa it is travelling.


  1. Custom crates – Protect your art investment. Order custom-made boxes or rates for large or uncommon shapes of paintings and sculptures.

Elliott Afrovan can assist with the sourcing of the necessary packaging material through our established network of suppliers.

Careful Handling

Needless to say, fine art needs to be handled with the utmost care. This includes the packaging, carrying, loading, and unloading of the items. Expert moving teams are often required – teams who have experience in moving fragile, valuable items and know how to ensure their safety.

With extensive experience in artwork transportation throughout South Africa, you can trust the Elliott Afrovan teams to always work with great care and precision. We also have the necessary skills and equipment to assist with the lifting of heavy objects that cannot be carried by hand.

Safe Transport

Then there is the issue of the actual transportation of the artwork on the South Africa roads. If not packaged and secured correctly, something as small as a hitting a single pothole or taking a turn too fast can destroy a valuable work of art.

We have experienced drivers who know the importance of vigilance at all times. In addition to our excellent drivers, we also boast a fleet of vehicles equipped with air suspension and tail lifts. These carefully considered additions are to ensure the most delicate handling and transportation of your precious cargo.

Secure Storage

There are many reasons for individuals and corporates to require professional artwork transport in South Africa. It might be because of a relocation, an exhibition, or maybe it is a new acquisition. Or, maybe it simply has to go into storage because of a temporary lack of space. If this is the case, you can reduce the risk by choosing a professional in artwork transportation that also offers secure storage in South Africa. In doing so, you reduce the risk of damage by eliminating the need for yet another party to handle the art objects.

Yet again, Elliott Afrovan c
an provide this service, as we have secure storage and warehousing facilities available.

Always Use the Experts

With years of experience under our belt, a long list of testimonials endorsing our high standard of service, and all the expertise and equipment to handle artwork transportation anywhere in South Africa, the choice is simple: trust Elliott Afrovan to help you relocate your valuable art.

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