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Moving Art in Gauteng

It is time to move, but what about those expensive pieces of art that you never thought you would have to relocate? How will you get them to the new premises without causing damage? How can it be guaranteed that your prized investments are not going to get ruined? It is a tough one, especially if moving is your only real option. You cannot stay in one place forever, just because you do not want to move your artwork. Maybe you want to change or enhance your lifestyle and that can often mean that a move is in order to some place new. Who will help you with your relocation? Now is the time to start thinking about all of these pressing matters.

If the thought of moving your expensive artwork from one part of Gauteng to another makes you cringe, it is time to think about the best and safest options for you, and your art, of course. You might be tempted to try and move artwork yourself as you feel you might be able to take the best care of it, but let us face it; without the experience and without access to specialised vehicles, you too could cause damage to your art! Transporting art is not something that is often considered when buying it, but when the day comes to move it, you will certainly find yourself having to think long and hard about it.

The best idea is to hire a company that has specific experience in art moving in Gauteng. Yes, you might pay a little more than you would if you ask family and friends to help move your things, but you will have security in the fact that the removals team knows how to handle the piece and that there is insurance on offer, in the unlikely event of damage or loss.

One important aspect of hiring a professional removals company for fine art is that they have specialised vehicles or, at least, they should. We have a fleet of our own vehicles. All of our vehicles are fitted with air suspension and tail lifts to ensure that your precious artwork does not experience all the bumps and knocks on the road that it would in a regular removals van or truck. The type of handling that we can be provide is best described as delicate and we will not let your piece of art go out of sight until it is safely at its destination.

Of course, it is best for us to know exactly what we are dealing with, so we arrange site visits to ascertain the size, weight and possible exit and entry points for the art. We want to ensure that the piece does not suffer a single nick or scratch and this means thinking ahead, being prepared and making sure that our team is on top of their game on moving day. In fact, we have moved many pieces of art in the past and will happily provide testimonials on our success, for your records and for your peace of mind. We are also trusted piano movers – and you know how tricky those can be to relocate.

Our track record speaks for itself. We go to every effort to ensure that your needs are met and that you do not have to suffer unnecessary stress while moving fine art from one premises to the next. You can also trust our staff members with your valuables. We have a trusted team that is responsible and dedicated to the greater good of our business and of course, your valuables.

We are not new to the market. We have spent a number of years familiarising ourselves with the market and we ensure that all of our staff members, new and old, are trained regularly so as to keep up with latest moving techniques and processes. There is no question about our professionalism amongst our existing customers and we wish to provide you with the same professional service in the future.

If you would like to chat to one of our friendly consultants about the type of art that you have and what your moving options are, simply get in touch with us at Elliott Afrovan. We are available via email and telephone and look forward to being able to assist you professionally and cost-effectively.

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