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Affordable Office Moving Companies to Get You From A to B Swiftly

Unfortunately, moving your office from A to B is not going to be easy, carefree or cheap. The best you can do is shop around for office moving quotes and settle on the least expensive. These are the sentiments of most companies looking to move their business items and valuables to a new address, but it does not have to be that fatalistic. By choosing affordable office moving companies to assist you such as Elliott Afrovan, you can avoid the hassles often associated with an office relocation. You can also cut back on labour costs, ensure you are not face with the expense of damaged and lost goods and guarantee little to no downtime for your business as the move is handled swiftly by professionals, while disturbing your staff members as little as possible.

When comparing our services and rates with other office moving companies, you are sure to be impressed. We handle both short- and long-distance moves and have even gone as far as altering our vehicles so that your goods are accommodated and even safer while on route to your new premises. Each vehicle has a tracking device for safety, air suspension for the smoothest ride for your delicate office equipment on the bumpy roads and a tail lift function.

Our team members are another reason why our company is so popular, because they are friendly and passionate about their job. We are not just focused on collecting goods and dumping them at another location as quickly as possible; instead we understand that your expensive office goods and assets are important to you, so we will take a bit of extra time ensuring that everything is handled with care and that nothing is damaged or lost due to haste or carelessness. Upon request, we can also do all of the packing and unpacking and setting up for you, because this can help you to save a lot of time. You know the saying: many hands make light work. And we will certainly do everything we can to make the work light for you.

We specialise in offering our clients a comprehensive moving experience. We can move all of your furniture items including safes, bulk filers, filing systems, office screens, partitions and even your IT equipment and systems. Among our services are even the packing and unpacking of boxes, sequential packing and unpacking of files, down to the breaking down and setting up of your furniture. We will even work closely with your in-house space planner to ensure that everything is set up to your liking.

We have our own eco-boxes for you to use, our own specialised fleet of vehicles and fully trained staff members to work on all relocations. We can brief both our team and yours on the move, before it happens. Rigging of heavy equipment, document storage and warehousing are also additional services that we can offer you. We have special experience in moving awkward or unusual items of high value too so if you have a piano or fine art that needs to be relocated, chat to us first about it!

Of course, every business owner’s main priority is ensuring that the move goes as smoothly as possible without any damage or loss to the business whatsoever. We offer insurance cover for potential loss or damage to goods, but the rarity of our claims is proof enough of the type of care that we take with your goods while on the move. When planning your move, we strategise beforehand. We pay a visit to your office to ensure that we are fully aware of what needs to be moved and what sort of manpower and vehicles will be required. We can then provide you with a professional quote and help you to plan the details and plan of action for the day.

If you are looking for affordable office moving companies to quote you on your upcoming move, take the time to send us an email or give us a call. The Elliott Afrovan team will keep your move simple, streamlined and hassle free. What more can you expect from a big move? If you need more information and advice, please contact us at Elliott Afrovan today.

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