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Elliott Afrovan’s Affordable Office Moves

One man’s or company’s affordable is not necessarily that of the next. “Affordable” is a relative term, which applies as much to dining out as it does to banking services and office moves, the latter being our business and field of expertise at Elliott Afrovan – one of South Africa’s nationwide office relocation specialist companies.

Is an Amateur Truly More Affordable?

There’s another important aspect of affordable office moves that should be considered. Is the cost of an office move that is executed efficiently and professionally by a reputable business-relocating company affordable when one weighs it up against another moving service that is performed by a cheap relocation amateur – a person with a bakkie or two and a few muscular men, inexperienced and hired at random, truly more affordable?

The Risks of Chasing the Cheapest Quote

Are you taking a huge chance with your valuable office furniture, IT equipment, and your company’s treasured art collection? All too often, one runs the risk of cheap being nasty. In the long run, putting your prized business essentials in the hands of unskilled, inexperienced amateur operators may end up being exceptionally costly, if or when things go horribly wrong and your company’s possessions are inadvertently damaged or destroyed in the moving process.

Your affordable move may well become the most expensive move that you could possibly make – to the detriment of your business and its bottom line. It’s simply just not worth just chasing the cheapest price when you’re getting quotes and selecting office movers that you consider to be affordable.

Value for Money

On the other hand, it’s imperative that you compare apples with apples by ensuring that you take a close look at potential relocation companies, their reputations, and precisely what value they offer in return for the money they charge you. This is undoubtedly the most accurate method of finding professional, affordable movers upon whom you can rely and to whom you can entrust your office move, expensive equipment, and personal peace of mind.

Professional Training

At Elliott Afrovan, our office moving teams are professionally trained and equipped with a thorough knowledge of the materials, packing techniques, and skills to perform safe, secure handling, transport, and relocation of your business’s belongings. Amongst such possessions, one must invariably include invaluable IT systems, without which a modern business ceases to function efficiently, and other precious possessions, like irreplaceable fine art and bulky, heavy office equipment, such as safes and large, solid furniture that requires dismantling prior to moving.

Professional Moving Equipment

In addition to knowledge, skills, and extensive relocation experience, our professional, specialised office moving personnel is equipped with modern equipment that is specifically designed to simplify moves, the handling of goods and their safe, secure transportation on road surfaces and in traffic conditions that aren’t always ideal. The benefits of working with Elliott Afrovan are listed below:

  • • In all major South African centres, Elliott Afrovan teams are stationed to ensure that the handling and rigging of your IT equipment and safes are accomplished safely and securely to be in operation and use in the shortest possible time, saving you money and thus making your office move more affordable.

  • • We own our own modern, well-maintained fleet of office moving vehicles. No aspect of your relocation is sub-contracted to third parties.

  • • Our state-of-the-art vehicles are fitted with air suspension systems to ensure a smooth ride for your prized possessions, as well as tail lifts that assist in the safe handling, loading, and offloading of your belongings, even those that require a gentle, delicate hand to prevent damage.

  • • Our proud record of exceptionally low insurance claims ensures that any claims that we may have to lodge with our insurers will be dealt with and settled expeditiously in the unlikely event that a claim should arise.

  • • All our nationwide office moving teams operate under the leadership of an experienced relocation specialist, an Elliott Afrovan Project Manager, who will be allocated to your company’s move, from start to successful conclusion.

The safety of your possessions throughout the entire office-move process, the smooth operation of the relocation in its entirety, and your peace of mind is paramount to us at Elliott Afrovan, where our goal is to make your next and subsequent office move as efficient, stress-free, safe, successful, and affordable as is possible.

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